About T4G Limited


We’re a project-based technology services company. That means customers can grow their business with T4G’s.


We develop smart technology solutions created individually for businesses such as tourism, telecommunications and retail. Our clients benefit from our expertise in content services, eCommerce, portals, user experience and design, business intelligence and custom application development.


Clients connect with bright minds across Canada, as T4G has offices in Toronto (Head Office), Halifax, Moncton, Saint John and Vancouver. That translates to over 200 employees working with over 100 of the largest organizations in North America.


T4G employees are committed to more than just profit. They participate enthusiastically in Future Focus, the company’s charitable arm, which is dedicated to helping children succeed. The new Leading Thinkers initiative strives to create vibrant communities and inspire thoughtful dialogue that leads to a better world.

future focus

The T4G Future Focus Foundation is a registered charity that raises money for exceptional organizations that help children. Its core belief is that every child deserves a chance to succeed.

About Leading Thinkers

T4G’s Leading Thinkers series is a group of events that will lead to action. It’s about bringing together leading thinkers and doers to explore and push the boundaries of business organization, sustainability, communication, innovation, and social responsibility.

In plain language, the series strives to bring together both researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. It gets them talking, exchanging ideas and making concrete plans for change.

  It's just a marvellous idea and it’s going to provide inspiration to an awful lot of people  

As a group, we collectively envision revitalized communities, clearer communication channels, great strides forward in business practices that focus on sustainability, looking after children who might need support in getting an education and technological innovation that serves the greater good.

Leading Thinker events will range from lunch meetings to two-day brainstorms. They’ll spread throughout the country, wherever smart people gather.


At T4G, we serve our customers and our communities throughout Canada. Our employees from Nova Scotia to British Columbia to Maine know there’s more to our business and our lives than making a profit. We all want to make a difference. We believe Leading Thinkers will make that difference.

  Anything that stimulates discussion and gets you out of the office is a good thing...this is where the synapses happen  

About Geoff Flood, President of T4G


Geoff Flood has provided T4G with leadership, vision and strategic direction since its inception.

Geoff believes in setting up shop in communities across Canada and in the United States. That’s why T4G has locations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia and Maine.

He believes a successful company depends upon bright, enthusiastic and content employees who live exactly where they want to be.

"We need to go to where they are, where they want to live, where they are most productive, where they are happiest," he told the Globe and Mail in 2009.

He also believes on delivering the best, most efficient and smartest solutions to clients.

  We do think, naively or not, that we can change the world.  
geoff flood to the Globe and Mail

As President of T4G, Geoff is the company visionary and leader. He sets direction for, and assures, final responsibility for client and employee satisfaction, growth and well being.

His leadership enables T4G to remain at the forefront of technology consulting companies worldwide.

Work History

Geoff was previously Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Dylex Limited – a multidivisional specialty retailer with over 700 stores in North America. During his time there he had executive responsibility for the information assets of the Dylex group of companies. Prior to joining Dylex, Geoff held the position of Information Systems Officer for George Weston Limited (Canada’s largest food processor and retailer) where he coordinated information systems activity across the Weston/Loblaw group of companies. Earlier at George Weston, he was accountable for strategic and corporate planning and financial reporting.

Plans for the Future

Geoff plans to lead T4G into the future by going into new cities and finding more talented people to join the company. Those employees, like all T4G employees, will believe in the ability to make a difference and feel obligated to do more than make a profit.

His support and passion for Future Focus - the charitable arm of T4G dedicated to helping children succeed - is ongoing. With the launch of Leading Thinkers, Geoff continues his mission to create vibrant communities and inspire thoughtful dialogue that leads to a better world.


Geoff holds an MBA in Finance from Queen's University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from St. Francis Xavier University.